[Haifux] Simulated permissions on VFAT

Shachar Raindel shacharr at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 00:45:57 MSK 2008

Try using gzip in 'rsync' mode ( --rsyncable flag at least in my
ubuntu). This is the best of both worlds - both compression and works
great with rsync.

Be aware that rsync reads the entire file in the destination as well
as the source, so it might be faster to do write like "cp sync.tar.bz2
/media/DoK/sync.tar.bz2". Try keeping a "shadow copy" of the original
file that you are rsyncing, and hacking (I guess there is a command
line switch somewhere) rsync to use the "shadow copy" for reading
while writing the differences on the DoK might be profitable.

Note that rsync might be problematic for your case because you are
creating a tar file, and adding a file in the middle (without block
alignment) might cause your FAT implementation to move all of the file
around, multiple times, making it much slower than a "delete and copy
a new version" alternative.

On Feb 6, 2008 10:28 PM, Ohad Lutzky <ohad at lutzky.net> wrote:
> Looking for a simpler solution (although UMSDOS, upon re-reading,
> seems to do exactly what I wanted, but is discontinued), here's an
> alternative problem to solve: What I *REALLY* want to do is use my DoK
> to synchronize two computers, when one of them has very poor upstream
> (otherwise I'd use the excellent unison over the net). I already
> currently do this using unison, but I lose permissions, which is a
> problem.
> One solution would be to save my files onto the DoK in archived form,
> something along the lines of this:
> Write:
> tar jcvf sync.tar.bz2 files_to_sync/
> rsync sync.tar.bz2 /media/DoK/sync.tar.bz2
> Read:
> rsync /media/DoK/sync.tar.bz2 sync.tar.bz2
> tar jxvf sync.tar.bz2
> However, this would be very slow, even without compression. Any ideas
> on how to make it faster?
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