[Haifux] Lecture proposal : how Ethernet works ?

Nir Abulaffio anir at research.haifa.ac.il
Tue Feb 5 18:30:29 MSK 2008

Since I have heared tens of lectures in Haifux, I propose to give a
lecture on the only thing I can think will interest the audience:
An explanation of how Ethernet networks work by giving examples using
etherheal (today wireshark) which is an open source sniffer.
I can show the bits in the header of every packet and how they help to
bring the Internet to work. What I will talk about (if at all) depends on
feedback I get to this mail.
-- possible items --
A basic network demonstration, from the point of view of the network,
not from a specific host,
with demonstrations using etherheal (today wireshark)
1. What is an ip packet ? and what is not (e.g. ARP)
2. Difference between tcp and udp. What is icmp,igmp.
3. Terms like MTU,TTL .
4. Examples of many different problems with actual examples from
   a working environment such as a university campus.
5. What happens if MTU is wrong.
6. How does traceroute work.
7. What is a SYN attack.
8. What is the difference between a switch and a router.
9. What is the routing table in a computer, (a host) and what is the
   routing table in a router. and a few words about routing protocols.

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