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Thu Dec 18 18:14:40 MSK 2008

oops forgot this - which will be important for  you:



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Ok, did a little more research, and it seems that the controller should work
with no issues in linux (however as storage and not as OS drive),

and it does indeed have to do with some drivers that have to be compiled
into the kernel.

First of all this is according to
this<http://unclean.org/howto/sii3114_linux.html>- an exact guide on
how to compile the kernel so it will support this card,
however it might not be precisely what you need.

This is because it relates to an older kernel version (2.6.4-rc2) and the
'menuconfig' might be a little different.

However, i checked, and in my kernel at home, 2.6.27-gentoo-r6 the option to
use Sil devices is available, albeit in a slightly different wording and
location than the guide i linked to above.

Thus probably in ubuntu 8.10 or 8.04 (2.6.27 and 2.6.24 respectively) you
shouldn't have any problem.

In any case, word of caution: compiling the kernel is easier than it sounds,
and is pretty safe as well, *as long as you keep the old kernel and know how
to configure grub so that you have a failsafe option to boot normally from
your non-custom kernel.*

Have Fun!

On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 1:20 PM, Shahar Dag <dag at cs.technion.ac.il> wrote:

>  Hi
> Yesterday, I did a 10 minutes check with a live CD (Ubuntu 8.0.4).
> I looked around the file system and couldn't find the raid disk.
> I need to repeat the test with live CD (maybe 8.10) this time) and see what
> `mount` will report and what hardware is found.
> Shahar
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>  Shahar hi,
> How about just popping in a recent livecd and checking it out?
> From my recent kernel compiling experiences i saw that the latest kernels
> come with a LOT of extensions (to include in the kernel or as modules) for
> handling a wide variety of controllers.
> Also, is this a dedicated controller (pci/pci-e) or built in to the
> motherboard?
> tom.
>>  Hi
>> I want to convert a file server based on a Windows machine to Linux
>> (Ubuntu)
>> Currently my file server contains raid 5 disk array with StLab A-224
>> (SiI3114 SATA chip) controller.
>> In the user manual of the Raid controller, the supported operating systems
>> are Windows only.
>> I failed to find any hints in Google.
>> Is there a way to use my current hardware under Linux?
>> Will I have to buy a new controller?
>> Shell I use software raid?
>> Thanks in advanced
>> Shahar
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>> Shahar
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