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Shahar Dag dag at cs.technion.ac.il
Thu Dec 18 14:20:06 MSK 2008


Yesterday, I did a 10 minutes check with a live CD (Ubuntu 8.0.4).
I looked around the file system and couldn't find the raid disk.
I need to repeat the test with live CD (maybe 8.10) this time) and see what `mount` will report and what hardware is found.

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  Shahar hi,

  How about just popping in a recent livecd and checking it out?
  From my recent kernel compiling experiences i saw that the latest kernels come with a LOT of extensions (to include in the kernel or as modules) for handling a wide variety of controllers.
  Also, is this a dedicated controller (pci/pci-e) or built in to the motherboard?



    I want to convert a file server based on a Windows machine to Linux (Ubuntu)
    Currently my file server contains raid 5 disk array with StLab A-224 (SiI3114 SATA chip) controller.
    In the user manual of the Raid controller, the supported operating systems are Windows only.
    I failed to find any hints in Google.
    Is there a way to use my current hardware under Linux?
    Will I have to buy a new controller?
    Shell I use software raid?

    Thanks in advanced
    I am looking for old Vinyl record.
    If you have any that you don't need please mail me



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