[Haifux] New "Welcome to Linux" Series

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 00:17:15 MSD 2008

2008/8/15 Shlomi Fish <shlomif at iglu.org.il>:
> You may wish to look at Sagiv's slides:
> http://www.cs.tau.ac.il/telux/lin-club_files/w2l-linux_for_student1.sxi

They seem to be a good starting point, but are terribly outdated.

> In any case, one can always use virtualisation.

If one needs virtualisation, then I would not recommend that he move
to Linux. I recommend using the OS that runs the applications that you

>> > There also used to be a Linux installation party / Linux day at certain
>> > points, where people brought their computers and other people helped them
>> > install Linux.
>> This has always seemed a failure, at least in my opinion.
> We reached this conclusion in Telux too, and decided to skip it. Carrying a
> computer to such a party and back is not such a good idea.

Exactly, especially now that the average computer user cannot even
plug the peripherials into the right places!

>> Better that
>> we go to the user's house / dorm and do the install there. The whole
>> "should I move to Linux" question should be one-on-one. Note that not
>> _everyone_ is in a position where they should move to Linux yet.
> Yes, that's a good idea, and has been mine too.

It is what I usually do.

Dotan Cohen


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