[Haifux] [HAIFUX Lecture] IPv6 in the Linux Kernel (Advanced Linux Kernel Networking) by Rami Rosen

Orr Dunkelman orr.dunkelman at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 16:41:24 MSD 2008

Next Monday, 18th of August, haifux is about to meet and hear Rami
Rosen's talk about

             IPv6 in the Linux Kernel (Advanced Linux Kernel Networking)

This lecture will mostly deal with IPV6 implementation in the linux
kernel. We will also discuss some IPV6 user space tools, and also draw
a comparison between IPV6 and IPV4.

Among the topics we will deal with are:

    * IPV6
    * General background and history
    * ICMPV6
    * Router Advertisements and Router Solicitations
          * Radvd daemon
    * Autoconfiguration
          * DHCPV6
          * MLDv1 and MLDv2
          * IPV6 header
          * SOKCET API

Note: If time permits, we will also talk shortly about Network
Namespaces and Bridging Subsystem.


We meet in Taub building, room 6. For instructions see:

Attendance is free, and you are all invited!


We are always interested in hearing your talks and ideas. If you wish
to give a talk, hold a discussion, or just plan some event haifux
might be interested in, please contact us at webmaster at haifux.org

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