[Haifux] Announcing a new project - fakeroot-ng

alon at 8ln.org alon at 8ln.org
Mon Dec 31 02:59:06 MSK 2007

Exactly as Haggai said. There are many existing tools to manipulate
root-owned special files. It makes little sense to rewrite these tools
to create a simulated root, especially as the simulation must be in
sync. Why rewrite tar to allow creating tarballs with devices and
various uid files even when they do not exist, when you can run actual
tar and just change whar the syscalls return.

In a sense fakeroot is a very limited virtual environment.

Another application of fakeroot is to create an rsync backup of
priveledged files without root on the remote system. Again it makes
more sense to wrap rsync than rewrite it.

That being said, I don't really know why fake a chroot jail within
fakeroot. I can understand why you'd like a userspace chroot jail, but
you won't usually need to fake root at the time.

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