Linux Kernel Compilation

Steps in compiling a kernel:

Kernel "Types"

Getting The Source

The Source Of The Distribution's Kernel

The Source Of The Vanilla Kernel

"Readying" The Sources

Configuring The Kernel

Tips Regarding Configuring The Kernel

Compiling The Kernel

Compiling The Kernel (Cont.)

Compilation Errors

Installing The New Kernel

Installing The Kernel's Main File

Installing The Kernel Modules

The "initrd" (Init Ram-Disk) File

Updating The Boot Loader

Instructions For "lilo"

Instructions For "lilo" (Cont.)

Instructions For "grub"

Booting The New Kernel

Troubleshooting The Boot Process

Boot Problems - No Root Device

Boot Problems - "lilo" says "LI"

When Installing A Newer Kernel...

External Device Drivers

External Device Drivers Formats

Notes On External Device Drivers Compilation

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