Emacs Power Usage

emacs modes:

emacs is good for a large variety of tasks, and we may want
special behavior for various tasks, for example we want
different indentation, we may want some keys to behave
differently. This is accomplished by having Modes.

Each emacs buffer has a major mode(exactly one no more no less)
in addition each buffer may have several minor modes.

Major modes can be classified into three groups:
* "Normal" text, either plain or with mark-up. It
includes Text mode, HTML mode, SGML mode, TeX mode and Outline mode.
* Programming modes. These are modes designed for specific programming language
each programming language has a major-mode designed for it, supported language
include: Lisp mode (various variants), C mode, Fortran, bash, tc shell, Perl
Pascal, prolog, and many more...
* others, which are not for handling files, such as mail mode, help mode,
interactive shell etc.
Meir Maor