Emacs Power Usage


When copying text, or doing cut and paste with emacs, using commands such as C-k and C-y
we make use of the emacs kill-ring, when clipping text, historicly named killing, we cut the
text out from the current buffer, and push it into the kill-ring. When yanking text we take
the last thing we put in the kill-ring.
When clipping emacs checks the previous command if the previous command was also clipping text,
emacs will concatenate the new kill after the previous kill, and use the same entry in the kill-ring.
The kill-ring keeps previously clipped strings and we can access them.

After yanking with C-y we can replace the yanked text with a different member of the kill ring
using M-y, hitting M-y sequentially will let us travel through the kill ring and choose which text we
want to yank.
When we reach the last element we will continue to the first hence the name ring.(it is implemented as a flat list).

Meir Maor