Increasing The "Uptime" Of Services

High-Availability Vocabulary (part I)

High-Availability Vocabulary (Part II)

HA Cluster Software - Roles

Cluster Hardware

Cluster Server Machines

Disk Storage

Networking Equipment

Power-Control Hardware

Active-Passive Cluster Operation

Choosing The Active Node For A Service

Administrator-Initiated Fail-Over

Cluster Monitoring

Fail-Over During Active-Node Failure

The Split-Brain Problem

The SCSI Reservation Mechanism

The STONITH Mechanism

Active-Active Cluster Operation

Shared File-Systems

Load Balancing

Cluster Stability Vs. Fast Failure Recovery

Cluster Software On Linux

The HeartBeat (V2) Cluster

RedHat Cluster Suite

Oracle RAC

Clusters On Other Operating Systems

The Microsoft Cluster

Veritas Cluster Server

Sun Cluster

HACMP Cluster (AIX)


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