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Hi Eli,

some nitpicks.

On Sat, 19 Jan 2013 18:01:51 +0200
Eli Billauer <eli at billauer.co.il> wrote:

> On Monday, January 21st at 18:30, Haifux will gather to hear a talk by 
> Eli Billauer:
>     Command-line utilities: Tips and tricks
> Abstract
> Command-line utilities is the real power of a Linux computer, and yet 
> there's always a few useful utilities that even an experienced Linux 
> user doesn't know about. This meeting is dedicated to going through 
> several random utilities, some of which are less known, others are known 
> but have surprising possibilities.
> The range goes from things as simple as using "touch" to fake a 
> modification date to using ssh for surfing the web (with your browser) 
> as if your computer was in another country.
> No previous knowledge is required. Even though newbies will gain the 
> most of this meeting, there is also room for those more familiar with 
> the shell prompt. Those who want to take the stand for a few minutes to 
> talk about a utility are welcome, of course.
> There will be no slides during this meetings, just a shell window for 
> demonstrations.
> This is a list of topics that may or may not be covered, depending on 
> interest and what time allows. Some will be mentioned in a few words, 
> and we may spend some time with others.
>    *  find that file with complex criteria and output formatting: find
>    *  Run a quick script: perl -e and perl -pi -e
>    *  Resize (or create) a file: truncate
>    *  Fake a file's modification time: touch
>    *  Quick binary dump: hexdump -C
>    *  What's in that executable? ldd / objdump (disassembly)
>    *  Create a custom timestamp: date (with formatting)
>    *  Fetch that file from www: wget
>    *  Internet plumbing: nc / redirecting to /dev/tcp
>    *  Using ssh for port forwaring (fake your world position)
>    *  Check that you're not running out of inodes: du -i

You probably mean "df -i" instead of "du -i".

>    *  Check up your processes: ps aux / pstree
>    *  Who's opening which files? lsof / strace
>    *  What ports are open? netstat -a -n
>    *  Munching a lot of text: cat / tac/ head / tail -f / sort / sort -n 
> (together with du -s)
>    *  What's that file? file / identify / stat + perl's stat
>    *  Mounting an file image: fdisk -fu / mount -o loop
>    *  Convert PS to PDF: ps2pdf
>    *  pulseaudio utils: pulseaudio -k / -D + pacmd
>    *  Zenity: Plain GUI from the command line
>    *  Restore screen settings (set by mplayer): xvattr
>    *  Open a GUI explorer on the current directory: nautilus

On KDE the "konqueror", "dolphin", and "kfmclient" commands are also useful for
it. XFCE has Thunar for that (but I don't like it).

>    *  View images on the current directory: gthumb

There's also "gwenview" (which is a KDE app), which starts kinda slowly, and
fotoxx is also nice - http://www.kornelix.com/fotoxx.html .


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