[Haifux] Help a Haifa guy get Linux!

Amir Eldor amir.eldor at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 20:38:10 MSD 2012

I just happen to be in Krayot and available tomorrow's noon-evening, or
maybe a little later after that I will even be in Haifa :)
@Sella, where is your position in the matrix?
@People, who else might join?

On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 6:19 PM, Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda
<ladypine at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hello Haifuxers,
> A private installation/configuration party is required, possibly for
> payment (see below). Any volunteers?
> Orna
> On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 5:05 PM, Sella Rafaeli
>> Hi! I reached this email via http://haifux.org/hebrew/where.html.
>> *tl;dr: Can you help me get Linux on my PC/New computer?*
>> My name is Sella; I have recently finished my CS degree, I am living in
>> Haifa, and it's high time I changed my Windows for Linux.
>> I'd like to get a Linux installation - either on my current PC or
>> (preferably) on a new PC, if that's not too expensive (and if that has
>> anything to do with you guys). I tried installing a dual-boot on my
>> Windows-running PC (from which I am writing you these words), but now it
>> seems to be malfunctioning; something to do with the Windows installation
>> itself. Anyway, I know Linux is known for its helpful community and I
>> thought maybe you guys could help me get set up. I'd be happy to pay for
>> whatever is necessary. The Linux-installation-day link seems to be broken (
>> http://www.haifux.org/hebrew/linuxday), so I am contacting you by mail.
>> Thanks for any help!
>> -Sella
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