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Dear Haifuxers,

On Nov. 26th, Intel will hold a Compiler, Architecture and Tools Day, which
is of high interest to systems people. Haifux will not hold a lecture on
this date, so as not to overload.

See you at the next Haifux talk (next week - Lessons from FOSS to the
industry by Yael Vaya Talmor, and after the compilers day - Flash Friendly
File System (F2FS) - by Leon Romanovsky)


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Date: Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 11:30 PM
Subject: Call For Participation: Compiler, Architecture and Tools Day at
Intel Haifa, Nov. 26

 C A L L   F O R   P A R T I C I P A T I O N****

** **

Compiler, Architecture and Tools Conference****

Intel Development Center, Haifa, Israel****

November 26, 2012****


Endorsed by the HiPEAC Network of Excellence****

** **

We are delighted to invite you to participate in a Compiler, Architecture
and Tools Day at Intel Development Center (IDC9) in Matam Industrial Park,
Haifa, Israel. Lunch and light refreshments will be served. Participation
in the event is free of charge, but registration is required (at
http://www.intel.com/il/compilerConf2012/registration.htm). The official
language of the conference is English.****

** **

** **


** **

8:00        Registration****

8:50        Welcome****

9:00        Keynote:
                Prof. David August, Princeton University, USA****

10:00      break****

                *Session 1: Programming for GPUs and OpenCL*

10:15      *"To Malloc or Not To Malloc in OpenCL Kernels"
*Roy Spliet, Ana Lucia Varbanescu and Lee Howes, Ben Gaster; Delft U.,
Netherlands and AMD, USA****

10:40      *"GPU Compiler Language Design Issues"
*Andrew Richards, CodePlay, UK****

11:05      *"AlgCL: A Kernel Coordination/Composition Language For OpenCL"*
                David Minor, Orbotech, Israel****

11:20      *"A Programming and Runtime Environment for Parallel
Applications on Heterogeneous Clusters"*
                Ely Levy, Amnon Barak, Tal Ben-Nun, Amnon Shiloh, HUJI,

11:35      break****

               *Session 2: Compilation Techniques*

11:50      *"High throughput processing of regular expressions on GPUs"
*David Lehavi, Sagi Schein, HP Labs, Israel****

12:15      *"SAT-based Instruction Scheduling for VLIW-processors with
Distributed Register Files"
*Jan-willem Roorda, Intel, Netherlands****

12:40      *"Feedback Directed Dynamic Recompilation Engine for Statically
Compiled Languages"
               Sergei Dyshel, Revital Eres, Dorit Nuzman, Marcel
Zalmanovici and Jose Castanos, IBM, Israel and USA*

12:55      *"Memory access pattern optimization for GPGPU kernels on Intel®
HD Graphics Processor"*
                Paweł Majewski, Konrad Trifunović, Marek Targowski,
Radosław Drabiński, Krystian Matusiewicz, Intel, Poland****

13:10      lunch****

14:10      Keynote:
               Geoff Lowney, Intel Fellow, USA****

15:10      break****

                *Session 3: Tools and More*

15:25      *"A guide to AMD’s Heterogeneous System Architecture"
*Yaki Tebeka , AMD Fellow, Israel****

15:50      *"Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE: A One-Stop Shop for Parallel
Performance Analysis"
*Stas Bratanov and Artyom Kuanbekov, Intel, Russia****

16:15      "Dynamic Instrumentation of Kernel, Driver and BIOS with a High
Speed Emulator"
Nadav Chachmon, Aviv Segall, Yair Lifshitz, Robert S. Cohn, Gregory M.
Lueck, Intel, Israel and USA****

16:40      break****

                *Session 4: Parallelization Techniques*

16:55      *"An Integrated Approach to Software Thread-Level Speculation:
Machine-Learning Based Policy and Parameter Selection"
*Daniel Powell, Björn Franke, U. of Edinburgh, UK****

17:20      *"Sambamba: A Runtime System for Online Adaptive Parallelization"
*Kevin Streit, Clemens Hammacher, Andreas Zeller, Sebastian Hack, Saarland
U., Germany ****

17:45      *"Parallelization Hints via Code Skeletonization"
*                Cfir Aguston, Yosi Ben-Asher, Gadi Haber, U. of Haifa and
Intel, Israel ****

18:00      Closing Remarks****

** **

** **

Please register freely, preferably by Nov. 12, at
http://www.intel.com/il/compilerConf2012/registration.htm ****

** **

We look forward to meeting you in Haifa!****

** **


Ayal Zaks, Gadi Haber, Nadav Rotem; Intel Development Center, Haifa
(first.last at intel.com)****

Erez Petrank; Computer Science Dept., Technion, Haifa (first at

Dorit Nuzman; IBM Haifa Research Lab (first at il.ibm.com)****

Intel Israel (74) Limited

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