[Haifux] [HAIFUX LECTURE] InfiniBand, RoCE and RDMA Verbs - Empowering Supercomputing and Data Center Interconnects by Dotan Barak

Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda ladypine at gmail.com
Tue May 15 13:20:37 MSD 2012

Hello RDMA-ers (can you actually pronounce this?),

I heard there was a live talk this week, which is great.

Is there an interest in a second talk on the topic? Dotan suggested to
expand on writing code that uses InfiniBand, such that the talk would
actually contain code.

If you enjoyed the first and would like to go deeper, or if you did not
need the basics but want the advanced stuff, please have your say!


On Sat, May 12, 2012 at 10:47 PM, Eli Billauer <eli at billauer.co.il> wrote:

> On Monday, May 14th at 18:30, Haifux will gather to hear a talk by Dotan
> Barak:
>  InfiniBand, RoCE and RDMA Verbs - Empowering Supercomputing and Data
> Center Interconnects
> Abstract
> This lecture aims to provide a brief introduction to the InfiniBand
> architecture and programming using RDMA verbs. InfiniBand is an open
> standard, used in HPC (supercomputing) and data center environments for
> high performance connectivity. This standard defines a complete fabric
> architecture, from the physical layer all the way to the programming API.
> The programming API, also known as RDMA verbs, allows for transparent
> memory operations over the network, transport layer offloading, and a
> complete kernel bypass.
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> We meet in Taub building, room 3 (or 6, room swaps have occurred lately).
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> Attendance is free, and you are all invited!
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> Future lectures:
> June 11, 2012: "Disk" storage media - state of the art in the enterprise
> world by Guy Keren
> June 25, 2012: This slot can be YOURS
> July 9, 2012: Hebmorph by Itamar Syn-Hershko
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