[Haifux] OT: Open CVS/SVN servers

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Wed May 2 20:14:43 MSD 2012


Correct me if I'm wrong, but could it be that the members of this 
mailing list are slightly inclined towards git?

Well, for good reasons. Since I discovered git, I don't think about 
editing any file on my own hard disk without setting up a local git 
repository. It's not a matter of collaboration anymore. It's the freedom 
to hack without thinking twice, knowing I can undo anything I want. Even 
if the thing I want to undo was committed a week ago, and a lot of 
commits have been made since. It's that amazing freedom to tweak your 
code or configuration file to death, and still nothing breaks.

If we're into using git through emails, git bundle is your friend. In 
its laziest mode (git bundle create --all) all commits (in the current 
branch, I believe, I always do this standing on "master") are packed 
nicely and compressed. Just send the single bundle file through email to 
the other participants, and they can fetch or pull from that file, as if 
it was a remote repository. Quick and painless.

I think what we're all trying to say here, is that CVS, SVN or whatever 
may do the job for you. But if you choose git, you'll have a great bonus 
for your other future activities.

Have fun,


yakoub abaya wrote:

> theoretically distributed version control like git doesn't require a 
> centralized repository
> i never tested this but you can use email with git-am and git-format-patch
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