[Haifux] New CS Students Invited to Haifux

Tom Balazs tom123online at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 20:22:50 MSD 2011

Today was Orientation Day at the Technion (Yom Hakvana). I attended Prof.
Irad Yavneh's welcome lecture to the incoming class of computer science
students. He was kind enough to let me address the group after his talk, to
invite them to Haifux. I spoke for a few minutes and told them when and
where the meetings are held, about our upcoming lectures, and gave them the
URL for the Haifux website. Later, I stood at the exit door and passed out
Haifux fliers. Overall, the students seemed interested, some said they
planned to attend the next Haifux meeting.

I hope to see new faces at Haifux's next meeting.

Tom Balazs
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