[Haifux] Telling the kernel business is closed (my weekly riddle)

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Wed Jun 29 12:48:49 MSD 2011


And indeed, I don't use ioctl()s as of yet. All in all, I filled the 
code with ugly "if (catastrophe) return -EIO;" (more or less) and got 
the desired effect: Applications complain about "I/O Error", which is at 
least not misleading.


Shachar Shemesh wrote:

> On 28/06/11 19:54, Nadav Har'El wrote:
>> For ioctl(2), I don't know what to use -
>> the manual page doesn't list EIO; Perhaps your ioctl(2) can return 
>> the failure
>> announcement as part of its normal return value, and don't fail the 
>> actual
>> ioctl?
> IOCTL are not documented, as they cannot be documented. This is an 
> open interface between specific user space program and specific kernel 
> code, and anything goes there. I don't think that's what Eli was 
> aiming for, however.
> Shachar

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