[Haifux] Replying on-list to job offers

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Fri Jun 24 16:18:22 MSD 2011


This is a good time to reflect on the whole issue of job offers on Linux 
mailing lists. Sometimes we like what they say, and sometimes we don't.

The point is that by commenting on every job offer showing up here, we 
reduce the chances of seeing clear and descriptive job offers in the 
future. If you're an outsider with a Linux job opening, you may or may 
not post on this list. If the typical reaction to a job offer is 
criticism, justified or not, the cover-your-bottom strategy would be to 
look for a new employee in the traditional ways.

I agree that posting on this list is the right thing to do if you're 
looking for a Linux expert. In particular when using a pseudonym and not 
mentioning any company's name, to keep the flames off yourself.

But keep in mind that people sitting in some cubicle often make their 
decisions according to what will cause them least trouble. If posting to 
this mailing list may appear to backlash on you, why messing up?

We always tell people to read the archives before posting to a list. The 
fact that many (most?) job offers are written by either someone who 
hasn't a clue, or someone deeply in the community, imply that any 
outsider who followed the correct protocol and checked things up before 
posting a job offer took the safe decision: Not to post.

If you have something to say to these job offer posters, please do so 


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