[Haifux] lecture (series) proposal: the story of alice and bob - the I/O requests

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Fri Jan 28 14:44:40 MSK 2011

Sounds good to me. Even though I was somewhat confused by the Alice and 
Bob thing, which I tend to relate to cryptography.

Anyhow, I'm in.


choo at actcom.co.il wrote:

> In this story, we'll follow the life story of alice - a
> file-systemized I/O request, and bob - a raw-device I/O
> request, from their birth, until they reach heaven (the disk
> or the USB camera or...).
> In addition, we will cover some system parameters that affect
> I/O requests, the buffer cache, disk I/O schedulers and tools
> used to track and count I/O (including - why is process-based
> I/O accounting so tricky).
> i didn't even write down the table of contents yet (with my
> poor PC's untimely crippledness) - but i imagine 2 meetings
> may be needed to cover this.
> any takers? anyone already has all the needed material (lack
> of such material was the initial trigger for this proposal)?
> --guy
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