[Haifux] No! No! Don't compile your kernel!

Nadav Har'El nyh at math.technion.ac.il
Mon Jan 24 13:55:04 MSK 2011

On Mon, Jan 24, 2011, Shlomi Fish wrote about "Re: No! No! Don't compile your kernel!":
> built seemed snappier than the shipped-in Mandriva kernel, and it Freecell 
> Solver executed there at 72.7685720920563s instead of 73.6936609745026s (the 

I hope that you agree with me that 99.9218485921% of the users wouldn't bother
themselves with recompilation (or any other manual step for that matter)
to make their games run 1.27127529900685765% faster ;-)

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