[Haifux] [OT][NON-JOB OFFER] Beauty and the Geek 3 (Channel 10)

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Are you sending this to us and implies that we are geeks, or are you sending 
it because of our beauty and implies you need a new per of glasses?  (-;


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Hello all,
I am forwarding this as a non-job offer, since participants are not
paid (though they have a chance of winning a monetary prize).
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Following the Success of the second season of "Beauty and the Geek" we
are now beginning the search for our next contestants who are willing
to take part in an adventure of a lifetime!

Thinking it's about Time to Make a Change? Always Wanted to Transform
Someone Else?

Come and take part in "Beauty and the Geek", the Most Humane Reality
Show on Television

If you are a girl and look amazing and you are sure that you are able
to teach brilliant geeks a thing or two … take this opportunity to
show everyone what you worth!

If you are a young intelligent guy who would like to try and step out
of his boundaries, break free, change and yes … to have some good time
with some amazing beauties – join us in an experience of a lifetime

You can leave your details:
Voice Mail – 052-9998888
Mail - yafa.gaon at gmail.com

Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda.
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