[Haifux] [OT][NON-JOB OFFER] Beauty and the Geek 3 (Channel 10)

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Sun Jan 16 23:42:57 MSK 2011

just do me a favor - DON'T register under the title "Haifa
linux club member" or something similar - i had enough
problems at work after the fiasco with Moshic Afia on "Once in
a life time" of yes, several years ago... people kept
reminding me of that show for more then a year after it was
shown on ynet - and i wasn't even there!


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>Hello all,
>I am forwarding this as a non-job offer, since participants
are not
>paid (though they have a chance of winning a monetary prize).
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>Following the Success of the second season of "Beauty and the
Geek" we
>are now beginning the search for our next contestants who are
>to take part in an adventure of a lifetime!
>Thinking it's about Time to Make a Change? Always Wanted to
>Someone Else?
>Come and take part in "Beauty and the Geek", the Most Humane
>Show on Television
>If you are a girl and look amazing and you are sure that you
are able
>to teach brilliant geeks a thing or two … take this
opportunity to
>show everyone what you worth!
>If you are a young intelligent guy who would like to try and
step out
>of his boundaries, break free, change and yes … to have some
good time
>with some amazing beauties – join us in an experience of a
>You can leave your details:
>Voice Mail – 052-9998888
>Mail - yafa.gaon at gmail.com
>Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda.
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