[Haifux] Lecture about PCI?

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Wed Feb 16 14:38:00 MSK 2011

OK, thanks, I got the hint. :)

As for the taking a double slot: I know the tradition of going into the 
small details, so yes, including how to write a driver down to the code 
level would indeed take two slots at least. This was not my intention, 
since I've learned that all these details are forgotten until the 
information becomes really useful (and the kernel's API may very well 
change until then...). It's the principles that one remembers, and that 
the source code says little about.

The thing is that without any prior knowledge, it's very difficult to 
even read the code of a driver, because it's not clear what the driver 
needs to accomplish, and why it's doing it the way it does. My thought 
was to fill that gap. And also give some background about how this magic 

I mean, I could take it down to the packet level between a PCIe card and 
the CPU, (and several other down-to-earth issues), but unless you're a 
hardware designer, you have nothing to do with that knowledge.


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