[Haifux] Lecture about PCI?

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Wed Feb 16 00:33:14 MSK 2011

Hi all,

These days I'm working on making a PCI Express interface in hardware 
(FPGA) and writing a Linux driver for it. When I'll be done with that, I 
suppose I'll know a thing or two about the PCI bus.

Now, not that it's something to happen in the near future, but I just 
wondered: What's the level of interest in a lecture about PCI (or more 
like PCI Express?). I'm talking about the hardware (and protocol) 
principles of a PCI vs PCIe buses (which are completely different), a 
bird's view on the configuration of a PCI device ("plug and play", done 
by BIOS for most of us), then a bit about bus mastering and DMA, and 
wrap it all up with describing the anatomy of a Linux PCI driver. Just 
so one knows what it's trying to accomplish when reading the source. Ah, 
and we also have IRQ's and MSI's. A lot of fun, in short.

This is a pretty heavy lecture to prepare, but if I'll see you guys here 
getting crazy about the idea, I'll consider it. :)


Web: http://www.billauer.co.il

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