[Haifux] dc9723 September meeting

Amichay P. K. am1chay.p.k at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 19:33:53 MSD 2011

Hi All,

A quick update on some of the issues raised during the last meeting:
1. As announced before - we now have an SVN open for DC9723 members that
would like to manage projects privately. See the last email for more

2. Location, location, location. You raised the issue - we are trying to
address it. We have a very generous offer from the friends at TechLoft to
see how it works out if we host our meetings there.

It's a combination of the vibe that we had at Empeeric, with the facilities
that we currently get at StarTAU. The TechLoft is located at Nachmany street
in Tel-Aviv, which offers much more in terms of socializing which we were
gravely missing lately (and surprisingly - a parking lot on the same block).
We will have the next meeting on a trial basis at the TechLoft so make sure
you note the change! The address again is:
Nachmany 14, 2nd floor. TechLoft.

This means that potentially we also have more interaction with startups and
entrepreneurs as the TechLoft is a shared working space that hosts fresh
companies and ideas. Lot's of room for interaction and possibly
collaboration with these guys.

In terms of content - we are looking at a single talk even this time, but
what a talk… We'll host Tetel (Amir Tetelbaum) who will give us an in-depth
overview of Stuxnet like we haven't seen before.

As always - looking forward to getting feedback on this new initiative -
good and bad! Without it we wouldn't be where we are at right now (i.e.
averaging over 70 members in each meeting!)

See you all there on the 20th at 19:00!

Regards, Amichay.
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