[Haifux] Running 32 bit applications (Firefox?) on 64 bit machines

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Sun Aug 21 19:40:12 MSD 2011

Thank you all for your answers.

I suppose the conclusion is that using 32 bits for application is a nice 
workaround for applications that cause trouble as 64 bits, unless it's 
really computation intensive (simulations etc.). Maintaining the 
necessary 32 bit libraries is a not fun, but nothing compared to waiting 
for this and that binary plugin to work correctly.

Since the performance issue was mentioned more than once, I'll say that 
my hunch is that except for real number crunchers (finite elements 
simulations, video encoding and stuff Orna plays around with) most 
applications are limited by data starvation (cache misses), so the extra 
registers allowed for in x86_64 aren't necessary making any real 
difference. In particular when it comes to browsers, word processors, 
maybe even video rendering and compilation. But this is really just a hunch.

So 32 bit for Firefox it is. As for the rest, well, who cares, as long 
as it works.


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