[Haifux] Kernel for Fedora: Repository or vanilla?

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Mon Sep 20 02:18:48 MSD 2010

Hello Oron.

Thanks for your lengthy answer. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to find 
what I was looking for.

What I tried to figure out was whether there's something stupid about 
just downloading the lastest kernel regardless of rpm packages, compile 
and install it. Like in the good old times when I knew what happened on 
my computer.

Fedora's life cycle might be short, other distros may be longer, but I 
prefer not being updated all the time. I like to know, that if something 
worked a year ago, it will work when I try it today, and not try to keep 
up with features I used being removed and bugs being added. If there 
wasn't for security issues (and bugs made while "improving" the existing 
software), no updates at all, for all I care.

The truth is, that I'm quite fine with FC12 phasing out soon. Would it 
be naive to assume that they would update packages even after EOL, if it 
comes to security threats? So that I will end up with a static, and yet 
fairly secure system at EOL + X months? Or are they abandoning the 
distro completely, even if they know about security issues?


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