[Haifux] Great Cyberheist, by James Verini, New York Times

Tom Balazs tom123online at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 16:28:04 MSK 2010

On the topic of information security: The New York Times has an in depth
article on Albert Gonzales, the TJX hacker who stole data on millions of
credit card transactions.

The Great Cyberheist, by James Verini, New York Times

The article is not a romanticized story. Verini writes that after his
sentencing "Gonzalez was transferred ... to the Metropolitan Detention
Center in Brooklyn," which is, "brutal, even for a prison. Populated by
hardened offenders, it is among the last places a nonviolent government
informant would want to be." Verini goes on to add that *"a*ccounting for
time served and good behavior, Gonzalez is expected to get out of prison in
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