[Haifux] SSDL & Linux - a Love story or a Battle field? - virtualization and cloud conference

Nir Abulaffio anir at research.haifa.ac.il
Tue Nov 9 20:11:20 MSK 2010

I got only one reply to this mail. but I'll still tell you one more thing.
Sorana pointed out to me that there is another *Kenes* on the same subject
of virtualization and cloud the next day in the same place.
Thank you for that. (The second may be more useful to some).
Now I have to toss a coin...

On Tue, 9 Nov 2010, Nir Abulaffio wrote:
> Hello all,
In the last part we talked about virtualization, and I mentioned
that there in on 15/11/2010 a conference about VxE.
the link is : http://www.clouds-r-us.com/

VxE = Vmware x EMC (for any x)
I am not sure it is worth while, but usually one does learn a thing or two.
If someone finds the above page by a search please tell me how you did.
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