[Haifux] Where were the organizers?

Nadav Har'El nyh at math.technion.ac.il
Fri May 21 10:15:03 MSD 2010

On Tue, May 11, 2010, Eli Billauer wrote about "Re: [Haifux] Where were the organizers?":
> Please keep in mind that the only dedicated staff in any lecture, is the
> speaker himself (or herself). Arriving at a lecture expecting that
> everything has been fixed by just somebody is a bit of a gambling.

While I agree that nobody owes anybody anything, I don't think this is a
valid attitude. You have to remember that even if nobody is "in charge" of
haifux, the lecturer often hasn't got any clue on any of the details.

Just as an example, when I gave my Hspell presentation a couple of months
ago, I had a few moments of worry. First, the fascists at the gate didn't
let me in - apparently they didn't get the fax that was suppsosed to have
been sent by someone in Haifux. After 10 minutes of arguments, and help
from a "chaver telefoni" (Orna), they let me in.

Then, when I came into the room, I found a locked computer and locked
projector. I didn't know what to do until, again, Orna came and saved the
day. So at the end, everything worked on my presentation (thanks again,

Please remember that some (?) of the Haifux presenters haven't been in that
lecture room in years. Some of them haven't been in the Technion in years -
if at all. How exactly do you expect them to manage on their own??

That projector isn't exactly national security... What would it hurt to
duplicate the key and give it to many Haifux regulars? How difficult is it
to have a smoother car-permit process? Blaming the presenters on not taking
care of these things is a bit silly, I think.

> the same rule applies in the "real world".

In the real world, when I present in a conference, or invited to a meeting,
or whatever, all I have to do is show up on time, with whatever I was asked
to bring in advance. I don't have to verify in advance (how can I?) that
the other side's meeting room will be open, or that the projector I was
told in advance that they have wouldn't be locked. If I'm told I can come
with my car, I expect that to be true, and again, don't need to "verify" that
this is indeed true.

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