[Haifux] preventing caps lock at the kernel level

boazg boaz.gezer at gmail.com
Sat Mar 20 04:19:45 MSK 2010

i have a laptop in which due to a hardware problem, computer thinks the caps
lock key is pressed about 5 times a second, at random. i've disabled caps
lock at the X11 level, and it's now usable. however, a few programs still
have problems with the fact that a key is pressed (regardless of it being
caps lock). also, i can't use the consoles at ctrl+alt+f[1..6].
i wanted to have the kernel filter out caps lock and have the userland never
see that is was pressed. to this end i edited drivers/char/keyboard.c and
added a few spots where i return if the key is caps lock. this doesn't seem
to work.
anyone have any better ideas as to where i should be looking?


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