[Haifux] A meeting proposal - Ranting over poor internet support

Ori Idan ori at helicontech.co.il
Mon Mar 15 22:09:11 MSK 2010

Thats a good idea.
I have just wrote a blog post (hebrew) about a similar problem I had:


Ori Idan

On Sun, Mar 14, 2010 at 2:21 PM, Orr Dunkelman <orr.dunkelman at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> Well, we all know that feeling when we try to approach the website
> http://some.url.here and fail because they require IE on a windows
> machine.
> While the situation is slowly getting better (in some aspects), we are
> still far away from the wonderland we promised ourselves (yeah, once
> there will be 1000's of Linux users, once there will be an official
> organization, once the moon will be green). In these instances we
> usually complain when we hit a specific website where things do not
> work. This sometimes lead to better support, but sometimes not. The
> reason for failure is that we usually do not act as a group.
> Hence, I would like to suggest a "rant" meeting, where we will all sit
> down together, and at the same time send complaint letters to as many
> websites as possible (even those we are not users of). While it is
> easy to answer to 1 person complaining on lack of true support, 20
> people, each writing their own letter arriving at the same time (give
> or take), is something which is harder to discard.
> Before the meeting we will collect the offending websites, and in the
> meeting, each of us will send a polite email (with emphasis on
> "polite") to the webmasters of all the websites (even if you are not a
> client, mention that you cannot become a client until they have
> support for your browser).
> Besides a hope for a better tomorrow for us and our children ;) we
> will also increase our exposure, maybe shift things in the right
> direction, and of course, have a wonderful time ranting on all the
> nasty webmasters who insist that IE is the only solution.
> Any takers? (btw, this is a meeting which we can also hold
> electronically, so those of us who cannot attend physically, can
> attend through chats, IMs, and such),
> --
> Orr Dunkelman,
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