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Shahar Dag dag at cs.technion.ac.il
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The SVN is used for programming projects done by groups, so the quota is a group quota per project.
My users are students at the Technion (computer science).
I believe it is a good thing that users knows that they have limited resources, this way they use them wisely.
If all groups are near the quota limits, I know it is a real need, if one group uses 500 & the rest are below 100, I know something is odd here and with the instruction of the course I decide what to do.

The problem of SVN is that there is no easy way to erase un-needed data. The only way I know of is to:
- create a full backup of the repository while filtering unwanted data
- erase the entire repository
- import the data from the filtered backup. I must admit that I prefer to give more disk space then to do this work.


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  If SVN quota is group-wise, and if it's on a dedicated filesystem, and if you can't remove data from the SVN (due to its nature, anyhow, the users cant remove data), and if they ask for more space and you grant them that, may I ask what is the point in setting up quota for that specific storage?


  On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 9:19 AM, Shahar Dag <dag at cs.technion.ac.il> wrote:

    Hello Max

    Home folder is on one file system and the SVN repository is on another file
    This is because home folders are limited by user quota while SVN projects
    are limited by group quota.
    If the 2 folders would be on the same file system then every write to the
    SVN repository will eat from the users quota (which I don't want).

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    Shalom Shcharim!
    Possibly, the repositories are located on the same storage device as
    users' homes,
    so they might be able to delete other files to release some space,
    but you're completely right, the repository can only grow up :-)

    2010/1/18 Shachar Shemesh <shachar at shemesh.biz>:
    > Shahar Dag wrote:
    > Hello
    > I have a LINUX server (RHE 4) that among other things serves as SVN server
    > (the SVN server runs over apache).
    > Users can access their repository via https, but they can't login to the
    > server (not even with ssh).
    > To access the SVN, users must supply their NIS user name & password.
    > Every SVN repository has it's own quota limitation.
    > The question is: do SVN users have any way to test their quota?
    > (I don't want to write a cron job that warns the users when they are over
    > 80% of the quota)
    > Excuse me for taking this on a tangent, but what use is the quota warning
    > going to do? It's not as if users can delete stuff in order save space.
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