[Haifux] Welcome to Linux - Help needed

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 18:19:46 MSK 2009

> Well, I think that the fact that there are four lectures marked as W2L
> is clear enough.

No, it certainly is not. For one thing, what is W2L? Yes, _I_ know
what it is, but does the newbie know? Furthermore, that information is
hidden on the page.

The site needs a big, bright, obvious link for the newbies who found
the site from the posters to click on. From there, they should get a
very informative, clear page.

> If you have any suggestions on how to improve their visibility, feel
> free to send them to us (webmaster at haifux.org) offline.

I will try to spend some time on the literary content this week. But
does anybody have any gimp skills to make a nice "Welcome noobs, click
here" banner?

Dotan Cohen


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