[Haifux] Welcome to Linux - Help needed

Nir Abulaffio anir at research.haifa.ac.il
Wed Oct 21 20:04:56 MSD 2009

Well ... Fine poster but,
Some more details should (could) be on the paper, without redirecting
everybody to the web.
First, mention that the events will take place in the Technion (and
possibly where in the campus).
Second, some idea of time of day, and how many lectures.
Also some vague idea of the subjects.

On Mon, 19 Oct 2009, Orr Dunkelman wrote:

> Dear all,

To help us promote the upcoming W2L events, we've created a small
poster in PDF (or ODT) format.

Just print and put next to where people you know may find it.

For the posters - http://www.haifux.org/W2L-Poster.pdf or

See you there!

Orr Dunkelman,
Orr.Dunkelman at gmail.com

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