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I specifically didn't teach them checkout, for this exact reason... Yes,
warnings about these things are in order when you're using git.
(Specifically we have "always mind your current branch" and "rebasing is  a
destructive operation", but also "you can always fix these things if you
notice early enough", early enough being a rather loose from my experience).
On the specific matter of non-branch commits, git does some work to actively
warn you when you do so, but I think this could be improved.
I still believe that with warning on those two issues, git is simple enough
to use, and that the ability to work offline is well worth it.

On Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 9:53 PM, Shachar Shemesh <shachar at shemesh.biz>wrote:

>  Ohad Lutzky wrote:
>  As long as you're not doing rebases or working with multiple branches
> (which are much more complicated to do in SVN, and useless in the situation
> at any rate), the "data loss" problems mentioned above don't exist.
> Not true. The problem can happen if you just check out a commit which is
> not at the head of a branch (say, because you were doing regression
> testing), and then perform a commit. No branching required.
>  Git gives the added bonus of being able to work offline, which
> is indispensable for a student on a laptop.
> True, but it steps up the complexity considerably. Well, you step it up to
> begin with when you say that publishing your work requires two stages (three
> if you count the "add") - commit and then push. This means that for several
> people working on one repository, you would usually try to simplify things
> by telling them to git add + commit + push. Then, when you try take the
> laptop away, you find that you split an operation that used to be atomic,
> and the complexity comes back.
> True, working with a centralized repository means that this is downright
> impossible, but I still maintain that working offline is no novice task.
> Shachar
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