[Haifux] [W2L] Call for lecturer + "Linux guru"

guy keren choo at actcom.co.il
Fri Oct 16 11:47:01 MSD 2009

Eli Billauer wrote:
> guy keren wrote:
>> what - no valgrind?
> I stand corrected. A quick demonstration of valgrind (show how it 
> detects memory leaks and access to unallocated/uninitialized memory) is 
> in place. It's definitely something handy for a student, and it's so 
> simple to use.
>   Eli

i think the best demo for valgrind would be:

1. this step should be done at home: write a program that has a 
non-obvious problem with corrupting its memory (make sure that when you 
run it, it actually crashes)

2. the next steps will be done during the demonstration: show it to the 
people (the source, how the program crashes, and how you fail to find 
the problem even when the crash is done inside gdb)

3. show them how you find the bug within seconds using valgrind.

you can mention memory leaks if you want - but students don't care about 
them so much, because it doesn't break their programs. they do care 
about memory corruption if it indeed causes their program to crash.


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