[Haifux] [HELP HELP] Uses of Linux in the "real world"

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 15:08:20 MSK 2009

> Are they allowed to download it at all?

No, but there are "work arounds". However, it takes a full hour to
download a lecture as it can only be downloaded in realtime. And they
are hundreds of megabytes in size. Downloading is impractical.

> VLC is capable to save streams locally. The problem here is that there are
> some players that play audio at double speed but it's problematic with the
> video as well. There is a pitch.

I have tried VLC, it does not play these videos at higher speed. I
think that pitch-control is already built into the newest VLCs.

> VLC is capable of play faster. But it's not double speed. Would that be ok
> for them?

Depends on the student. I like x1.6 speed. Most like x2.0.

Dotan Cohen


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