[Haifux] what's the status of getting into the technion with a car?

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Sat May 30 15:49:54 MSD 2009

guy keren wrote:

> so i just go there, say "i want to buy a VIP entrance", pay X NIS in 
> cash, and they give me a yearly VIP pass on the spot?
Someone said VIP card? I got mine at the entrance of "Makak" (at Canada 
dorms) because they are open until pretty late (after Haifux meetings, 
in particular). You pay 60 NIS, get a piece of paper which is your car 
entrance permit until the real card is made (can take a month or two, 
but who cares).

With that card I've always been let in, usually with no questions asked. 
And when they asked me where I was going, I simply said the truth, saw 
the guy scratching his head, and then let me in. The card is effective 
for one year.



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