[Haifux] save my Linux

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 21:53:34 MSD 2009

> i understand that if i burn an Ubuntu installation disc and just start a new
> installation every thing will go back to normal (i rather stay with Ubuntu
> and not KDE, i fined it friendlier).

I don't promise that everything will be back to "normal" as it will be
slightly different (improved) from your old install, but that is the
fast route to a working install that will last a long time.

> if i cannot start Linux how will i back up the files that are saved on that
> partition?

LiveCDs are great for this.

> and still with partitions: i have 3 main partitions on the hard disc, will
> the Ubuntu installation need redefining those partitions? and will Grab
> still work correctly? ( I'm not sure how you write it but its the program
> that allows you to choose whether to start windows or Linux)

You will need to tell it where to install.

Dotan Cohen


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