[Haifux] Who will come to a lecture about profile guidedoptimization in GCC?

Hai Zaar haizaar at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 13:44:31 MSD 2009

2009/6/3 yossi arbel <yossiarbel at nana10.co.il>:
> Hi,
> Can you give it at a later date, in the academic year? than I will consider
> coming.Don't forget that in the summer
> vacation there are less people.
+1 here. I most probably will be out of country during early August.

> Yossi
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> in GCC?
> Hi all,
> I know this approach is extremely non standard, and that Haifux is a
> club with "no registration required" attendance. I've been asked by some
> of the Haifux admins to give the lecture I'm about to give this Thursday
> at Herzelinux also at Haifux (August 10th is shaping out to be the
> date). I will gladly do so, but......
> Giving a Haifux lecture requires some effort on my part. Aside from
> everything else, this requires getting out of work at about 4 pm and
> drive to Haifa, as well as drive back after a day in which I both worked
> and drove and gave a lecture.
> All this I will gladly do, and enjoy it, except for one problem. More
> often then not, there are only about five people present to actually
> hear the lecture. It seems to be a lot of effort to achieve not much effect.
> I, on my part, am more than willing to leave work early, drive both
> direction and give the lecture, but you have to do one thing in return.
> Show up.
> So I am asking this publicly. Assuming I do give a lecture on profile
> guided optimization on August 10th, how many people intend to get out of
> whatever important other stuff they usually do and show up? Quite
> frankly, if it's about talking to an almost empty room, I don't think
> I'll bother.
> Also, please note that if 20 people say "yes", and then I show up and
> there are only five people present, I will have to seriously consider
> whether I want to ever make the effort again, so please only say "yes"
> if you truly think you will actually be there.
> Again, I know this is extremely unorthodox, but I have been extremely
> busy of late, and while I love donating my time to pro-bono FOSS
> activities, I would like to know that someone is actually enjoying the
> fruits of my labor.
> If the show of hands is not significant, I would suggest that those
> people who are interested in hearing the lecture try to arrive to
> Herzelia this Thursday at 6:30pm. I know, it's a long drive, it requires
> leaving work early, and it means there is a long drive home afterwards.
> I know how it feels.
> Shachar
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