[Haifux] Who will come to a lecture about profile guidedoptimization in GCC?

yossi arbel yossiarbel at nana10.co.il
Wed Jun 3 12:11:11 MSD 2009

Can you give it at a later date, in the academic year? than I will consider coming.Don't forget that in the summer 
vacation there are less people. 


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Hi all,

I know this approach is extremely non standard, and that Haifux is a 
club with "no registration required" attendance. I've been asked by some 
of the Haifux admins to give the lecture I'm about to give this Thursday 
at Herzelinux also at Haifux (August 10th is shaping out to be the 
date). I will gladly do so, but......

Giving a Haifux lecture requires some effort on my part. Aside from 
everything else, this requires getting out of work at about 4 pm and 
drive to Haifa, as well as drive back after a day in which I both worked 
and drove and gave a lecture.

All this I will gladly do, and enjoy it, except for one problem. More 
often then not, there are only about five people present to actually 
hear the lecture. It seems to be a lot of effort to achieve not much effect.

I, on my part, am more than willing to leave work early, drive both 
direction and give the lecture, but you have to do one thing in return. 
Show up.

So I am asking this publicly. Assuming I do give a lecture on profile 
guided optimization on August 10th, how many people intend to get out of 
whatever important other stuff they usually do and show up? Quite 
frankly, if it's about talking to an almost empty room, I don't think 
I'll bother.

Also, please note that if 20 people say "yes", and then I show up and 
there are only five people present, I will have to seriously consider 
whether I want to ever make the effort again, so please only say "yes" 
if you truly think you will actually be there.

Again, I know this is extremely unorthodox, but I have been extremely 
busy of late, and while I love donating my time to pro-bono FOSS 
activities, I would like to know that someone is actually enjoying the 
fruits of my labor.

If the show of hands is not significant, I would suggest that those 
people who are interested in hearing the lecture try to arrive to 
Herzelia this Thursday at 6:30pm. I know, it's a long drive, it requires 
leaving work early, and it means there is a long drive home afterwards. 
I know how it feels.


Shachar Shemesh
Lingnu Open Source Consulting Ltd.

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