[Haifux] Party? Yes! Mark your calendars... Say YES if you will come.

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On 1/28/09, Yossi Gil <yossi.gil at gmail.com> wrote:
> Folks,
> I see the little pebble I threw in this pond is still having its waves. I
> am overwhelmed by the responses, but I I will try to answer all messages.
> But, it is important for me to say that I am really really happy to see so
> many enthusiastic people here, and if no one objects too much, I will try to
> leverage this momentum and enthusiasm further.
> Concrete actions:
> *1. Linux party.* I had a discussion with Shahar Dag, the lab Engineer
> this morning, and we agreed on running a Linux get together event, with no
> formal description and content. The idea is that students and interested
> users will come to discuss their needs, experience and concerns with you
> guys. More importantly, we will be able to brainstorm further ideas beyond
> what is possible in a mailing list. This will not be an "installation party"
> (I have never been to one, so I do not really know what this means ;-)). Of
> course, people could get tips on installation in this event, etc., but we
> will not run formal installation. Zvi Dvir  -- it would ber real nice if you
> could run war stories in that event.
> I set the date to Thursday, February 19th, at 13:00 in SSDL. Mark your
> calendars please. Pizzas and soft drinks will be served. Shaharr will take
> care of the publicity in the department.
> *2. Installation event. *In addition, we will run an instllation event in
> SSDL, right when the semester begins. We may wait for  version 9.04 to come
> out, but the plan is to do that on the first Wednesday Noon after the
> semester begins. We will talk more about this during the party.
> *3. Live CD and Live DOK. *We will proceed with Sorana, to see if we can
> arrange that she makes a Live CD and a Live DOK from the lab.
> *4. Wiki Updates. *I would be real happy if one or two of you would help
> us in updating the SSDL wiki, and placing more information in it. If you are
> interested, just say so, and Shahar will open/activate the account, and will
> do so.
> *5.  Haifa Linux Bulletin Board. *Would you be able to make a small poster
> of your events. We can post it in the lab for you.
> I am sure I missed a lot of things, but this will make a start.
> *Action Items for Each One of You
> - *Raise your hand if you will attend the party.
> - Raise your hand if you would like to take part in the Wiki updates.
> - Raise yourr hand if you would like to make a poster for the bulletin
> board.
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