[Haifux] KDE?

Yossi Gil yossi.gil at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 22:39:18 MSK 2009

Ok, I downloaded and installed KDE 4.2 on 8.10. I was impressed with the
bells and whistles, but was not converted. For one KOffice did not work (I
guess it is a distribution issue, but did not want to spend time on this.
Second, the wireless did not work, so I had no connectivity (it was working
with KDE4.0). So, I guess I will stick with Gnome until 9.04, at which time
I will reconsider.

Fedora, SuSE and othe distributions are great, so I hear, but we cannnot
move to them in the lab. Too much of a hassle and compatability with other
Technion computers. This is not to say that we will discorage users from
installing kubuntu, fedora, suse, etc.
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