[Haifux] Haifux Digest, Vol 17, Issue 15

Tzafrir Cohen tzafrir at cohens.org.il
Tue Jan 27 15:36:41 MSK 2009

On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 12:13:19PM +0200, Shlomi Fish wrote:
> On Tuesday 27 January 2009 08:59:51 Eran Arbel wrote:
> > Hi, some time reader, first time writer.
> > I'm a second year CS student and had to work with the Linux in the farms
> > for a while now and frankly, I love the idea that someone finally forced me
> > to use Linux. I think it's a good thing.
> >
> > I've already had stuff explained to me and had a chance to explain things
> > to others. I already told people that they better get used to using the
> > Linux and Unix on the farm machines. Firstly, because they have to;
> > Secondly, because it's better; And thirdly, because it's fun.
> >
> > Problems of Windows\Linux compatibility with code files I solved with
> > Notepad++. I don't know if there's a Linux version or a Linux substitute
> > but it's an awesome writer for windows that can display context in many
> > languages and can also convert to\from Windows from\to Linux formatting.
> > Saved me a lot of trouble
> First of all, you can always use tofrodos to do the conversion if needed:
> http://www.thefreecountry.com/tofrodos/index.shtml

> And otherwise, vim and other text editors for Linux are capable of converting 
> from CRLF to LF and vice-versa, but I cannot tell you off-hand how to do that. 
vim will show you if the file is "dos" in the info line.

For more information: vim +'h dos-file-formats'

(To which I got by :h dos<tab><tab><tab>... )

Most files can be either dos or unix, but some (notably shell scripts)
must be unix.

BTW: another crazy way to convert source files between dos and unix
formats is to store them in an SVN repository and check them out
separately in each environment.

You can create a simple SVN repository under your home directory and
access it through file: or svn+ssh: .

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