[Haifux] "Windows-Free" laptops in Haifa

Dan Shimshoni danshimsh at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 10:52:47 MSK 2009

Hi everybody,

On 3.12.08, we heard about Zvi Devir and his "Successful Windows Vista
refund" - see:

And later, there was a lecture in Haifux by Zvi Devir about it:
see:  http://www.mail-archive.com/haifux@haifux.org/msg03451.html

And now what ?

I went last week to two stores in Haifa area, of very large and
country-wide computer network stores;
I do not want to mention names here.

I asked about some models of laptops (Lenovo and others) ; they told
me that they are not
selling these models of laptops without Windows Vista, and that "it is
everywhere thus".
When I told  them about Zvi Devir and his case, they laughed. It did not
interest them, and they said that they are not going to change anything
in this policy.

So ? are there any real results from Zvi Devir case ? Or is
it ended in some compromise and nothing came of it ?
What do you suggest me ?

I suggest that everyone who has a positive experience with buying
"Windows-Free" laptops  in Haifa area or elsewhere will report here.

The struggle must go on!


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