[Haifux] Linux + Hebrew?

Nadav Har'El nyh at math.technion.ac.il
Tue Feb 3 11:28:10 MSK 2009

On Mon, Feb 02, 2009, Yossi Gil wrote about "[Haifux] Linux + Hebrew?":
> Yes, I know that this mailing list is run in English, and yes I know, that
> Linux supports Hebrew.
> The topic I wish to raise is whether it is better that SSDL tries to make
> the Linux documentation in Hebrew. What do people here think?

Sorry for intruding (normally I'm just a lurker on this mailing list, but
I found this discussion interesting...), but I think the answer is most
likely YES.

Us "old-timers" (everything is relative...) find English just as comfortable
as Hebrew, perhaps even more comfortable (like it is for me), but this is
hardly the case for most students I've met, and unfortunately, even for
many people in the industry.

I wouldn't be surprised if some students, seeing English documentation for
Linux, think to themselves: Wow, this Linux is so alien, that it even has its
own language! :-)

That being said, I do think that one of the side-effects of studying in
the Technion *should* be to dramatically improve your English. Without
good English, you cannot read most books in the library, you cannot read
(or write!) papers, you cannot cooperate with people in other countries (a
necessary skill in academia and the industry), and even find it hard to
use resources on the Internet, read documentation, and so on.
So you can think of English documentation for Linux as an exercise for
the students' English skills...

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