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> Here the solution needs to be two two-pronged: First, the system
> administrator
> needs to be responsive and open to requests to install new software that
> students need. Second, the users should have enough quota to install new
> software on their own directory, if they wish to.
> It appears the quota problem is repeated by almost everyone who commented.
> I suggest that you should address this issue *immediately*. Disks are so
> cheap today, that there's simply no excuse to be cheap on quota. If you
> want,
> I can eleborate.
> This would be, no question about it, the first task I would ask the
> sysadmins to take care of.
> Again, did anybody tell them that they can install OpenOffice at home too,
> and save hundreds of shekels in the process?
> This was my (pretty long) 2 cents. I hope it helped, even a bit.
> Nadav.
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I'd like just to comment on the disk and office files issue.

1) Disks are cheap. Last time I checked with the CS farm downstairs, the
quota per student was about 20mb.
I work in the HS-DS Lab in EE and here we have 500mb per student, the
ability to do a triple backup (at least) and we're in no rush of space.
Maybe the student number is lower here but I still think it's a shame.

2) With the MS-Office/Other Office issue, there is a simpler solution then
switching to one system or another: Use formats that are cross platform by
themselves like rtf or plain text or even pdf and html.
I know a pdf editor that is free and where I frequent (scifi magazines,
conventions and the like), people prefer to work with rtf files and some
won't accept any other.

Don't let people drive you crazy when you know it's within walking distance.
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