[Haifux] YOM HA'SHOA ?? [HAIFUX Lecture] OpenCL Overview - Ofer Rosenberg

Gilad Ben-Yossef gilad at codefidence.com
Mon Apr 20 11:29:31 MSD 2009

Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda wrote:

>     c. Wish to come, and have a problem with the date because it is
>     today and I need more advanced notice :)
> Hi Yossef, Shlomi (with regard to Herzelinux) and all,
> Please note that Haifux has an RSS feed, which is updated when a new 
> lecture is announced (months in advance) as well as a google calendar, 
> all available through http://haifux.org/future.html.
> Once upon a time Gabor and I  tried to have all Israeli Linux club 
> events exported in RSS, so that an upcoming events lists could be 
> compiled Haifux and Telux still support this method.
> http://haifux.org/cal.html
Actually, Herzelinux has that too, as well iCal.


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